Safety Tips You Need To Know When Staying In A Hotel

Remember safety comes first, so be alert and protect yourself and your valuables!

As much as you think a hotel is like the safest place to be in when you are in a place that you hardly know anything about, this is untrue. Sure it might be safe to some aspect, but you shouldn’t test out your luck. Be smart at all times. Here are some safety tips you need to when staying in such hotels.

Don’t desert your luggage

Just because you already handed over your luggage to the bell boy or someone is carrying your luggage for you, don’t trust that you would get it returned just like that. You should be keeping a constant eye on it. After all, there have been posh loitering thieves that are always on their feet to pick up something or the other! So it would help if you carried a necklace whistle as well, just in case something goes wrong.

Pick the right rooms

The lower floor rooms apparently are more prone to being robbed off their things. So experts suggest that you always ask for a room that is between the third and sixth floors. These are not only high up from the ground and harder to break in, but also easier to reach from fire engine ladders, in case a fire breaks out. Most hotels do have search and rescue equipment Australia placed in different areas in the hotel, so you don’t have to worry too much either!

Don’t let others know

The room you are staying in, should be like your safe haven. No should know of it. Therefore, make sure that the hoteliers themselves don’t announce it out loud. In case that does happen though, ask for another room to be given. After all, you don’t know who might be following or listening!

Be smart with the cards

Sometimes we just tend to be so absentminded that we just carelessly pay for the room and leave the card on the counter when the payment is being processed. This is possibly the worst thing you could do. So always make sure you hand it to the hand of the hotelier and get it back to your own hand. Don’t be distracted by anything in the surrounding during this while, because there is also a chance for the cards to be switched. So check every little thing!

Check the rooms

Where you are staying should be safe and clean. So before you decide to jump straight on to the bed after all that hours of travelling, make sure that you check the room inside out. Test out the locks, the bathroom, under the bed and any other spot that you think needs to be checked out. In case you find something weird, be sure to call up room service then and there and get it checked out or request for a new room.

Use the above tips and guarantee your safety in any hotel that you plan on staying in!