Keeping The Outside Of Your House Neat And Tidy

While most of us spend quite a lot of time cleaning the interior of our house, we hardly pay any attention to its outside. While it doesn’t need frequent cleaning, an annual cleaning will keep the surface devoid of dirt and grime. It can also make the surfaces last longer.

You should first start on a warm and dry day. Before starting the cleaning, protect the plants and your lawn by covering them with plastic sheeting. Lawn furniture should be kept away from the house for the duration. You can cover electrical outlets and vents by using duct tape and plastic sheets. You should next inspect the house for stains, dirt and rust. Usually, soap, water and a scrub brush can take care of the stains. You can use a stronger cleaning agent for difficult cases. You can also use pressure washers. But you should be careful while handling them. If you use them on a window directly, it may break. So it’s better to use a soapy solution or a specially made window cleaner and a scrub brush. You can later wipe down the windows with a crumpled paper.

When it comes to the entrance way, you can use a pressure washer on the driveway and sidewalk. You should clean out the weeds and replace paving stones if necessary. Grass has to be cut at least once a month. You can have a kennel next to the house in a shaded area so that your pet will be out of the way from the elements. There are also extra large dog kennels for sale that you can use if you have a large dog. The kennel has to be cleaned regularly to ensure that your pet lives in a healthy environment. You can use plants to brighten up your house as well. This can be done by having a basket of flowers hanging outside a window or framing the entrance door with vegetation or tall plants on either side.

The garage is another place that will be full of clutter. You can start by sorting through all the junk and organizing them into piles. Anything that you throw away has to be categorized to make recycling easy. You can use cheap garage shelving to keep track of everything inside. This will ensure that everything has its own place.

You have to make sure there is efficient drainage. This means cleaning out your gutters for debris. The downspouts should also be checked for clogging. Dead plants and shrubs near the house have to be cleared. The roof has to be checked for missing or damaged shingles. You should also make sure that no vegetation interferes with overhead electricity lines.